My relationship with Destiny 2 is best described by that GIF of Moe throwing Barney out of the bar. At the end of every expansion I end up uninstalling it saying I'll never be back. Anyway, Beyond Light is really good.

@daniel I didn't know you play! It's my favourite game of all time (and most played.)

@d haha! Yeah :D it is a great game, I put so much time in to Destiny 1 and 2 and love them both. I feel like I hit a barrier toward the end of each season though and then just drop off and forget about it for ages hah

@d oh nice!!

This makes me super keen to see what is past hour 100 and 500 hah. I feel like I am missing a bunch of the end game content.

Can't believe I have missed the Ishtar Collective stuff, that looks super cool! I have wanted to go deep on Destiny's lore, but my gosh they have made it hard 😅

@daniel Ask me anything! And this season's story has been sooooo good.

@daniel Let's play when cross play hits next season!

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