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@aurynn yeah I ended up turning off PvP after the 3rd time of lining up a perfect plan and then being forced to chase the other player and undoing all my hard work.

One of the side effects of the big push for vaccination is my tolerance of seeing photos of people with needles in their arm has definitely improved.

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I am enjoying wikipedia's partial list of unparliamentary language, and wish Australian politicians could be a little more creative.

I mean, come on, in New Zealand they're getting in strife for "his brains could revolve inside a peanut shell for a thousand years without touching the sides".


@DavidBlue I'm not sure there is an official Apple term for it? I think it's a combination of universal links and an associated domains — developer.apple.com/documentat

Watched this documentary about imaging the black hole at the centre of Sagittarius A* — netflix.com/title/81343342 it was pretty great! Spending years researching and days capturing data without knowing if it'll even work must be so damn nerve wracking.

But also these physicists were less funny than I was lead to believe.

TFW you accidentally reimplement a method you thought a lib didn't support, then you find it is supported and your implementation is identical.

@d oh nice!!


This makes me super keen to see what is past hour 100 and 500 hah. I feel like I am missing a bunch of the end game content.

Can't believe I have missed the Ishtar Collective stuff, that looks super cool! I have wanted to go deep on Destiny's lore, but my gosh they have made it hard 😅

@d haha! Yeah :D it is a great game, I put so much time in to Destiny 1 and 2 and love them both. I feel like I hit a barrier toward the end of each season though and then just drop off and forget about it for ages hah

My relationship with Destiny 2 is best described by that GIF of Moe throwing Barney out of the bar. At the end of every expansion I end up uninstalling it saying I'll never be back. Anyway, Beyond Light is really good.


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